Lindsay Lohan out and about in New York (5/11)

Lindsay Lohan is actually taking a role seriously? I'm not buying it. She'll be selling stolen set supplies for coke money by the third day. From the Chicago Sun Times:
Guess Lindsay Lohan has been hearing the sarcastic "Last Chance Lohan" cracks from a few Hollywood honchos — noting she better not bomb in her upcoming Lifetime film about screen legend Elizabeth Taylor.

LiLo knows that all eyes will be on her performance to see if she still "has it." That's likely why Lohan has not only been dressing and making herself up as Taylor did when young — plus carefully screening virtually all of her movies — but also has been watching footage of various Taylor public appearances and interviews to capture the nuances of her voice when she wasn't playing a role.

On top of that, I've heard that Lohan has reached out to various people who knew Taylor well, looking for insights into the two-time Oscar winner. They include hairdresser Jose Eber and two ex-husbands: Larry Fortensky and former Sen. John Warner.
Ha! Joke's on all of you "Hollywood honchos" -- this biopic will be the biggest ratings success in the illustrious history of the Lifetime Network. Think of this Liz Taylor movie as being The Avengers of basic cable -- just replace Captain America's shield and Thor's hammer with a glass table and a rolled up twenty. This hot mess of a movie has a potential for disaster so great that Lifetime will have to make a biopic of the making of the Liz Taylor biopic. I'll even donate the title, free of charge: "F.U.B.A.R., The Fall, Fall -- Slight Return -- and Fall of Lindsay Lohan" -- starring Lindsay Lohan, with special guest star, a mountain of cocaine.

*15 Lindsay Lohan pictures total in the gallery:

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[Pacific Coast News]

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