Kim Kardashian is visiting the troops

According to sources, Kim Kardashian will be going to Kuwait to visit the troops this October. No, no, no, she's not doing it out of the pure goodness of her heart. She's tacking the visit on to the end of a moneymaking business trip. Of course. From Emirates 24/7:
The blog Moody'N'Cheeky, run by two girls in Dubai and Kuwait, broke the news, stating: "Just got this news from the company behind the franchise of Millions of Milkshakes, Kim Kardashian will be coming to Kuwait on October 11.

"She will be at the opening of Millions of Milkshakes and there will be other private events that she will be attending while she's here," according to the blog.

Meanwhile, Expat and the City blog has added another nugget, saying: "Shadi [Ghanim, the Al Recardo CEO, which has in its portfolio Millions of Milkshakes, Golds Gym and Ninas Paris in Kuwait] informed me she [Kardashian] will visit the US Troops while in Kuwait and it was his idea."
YES! YES! YES! Please let this happen, please! OK, let me compose myself . . . deep breaths . . .1, 2, 3 . . . OK, I'm back. I'm sorry about that, it's not everyday that you find out that there is a God, allow me to explain. Kim Kardashian is going to a part of the world that's not particularly known for its tolerance of women, especially those that do what Kardashians do for fame. I couldn't tell you how many fights I've had on Al Jazeera's message boards, defending this great nation of ours only to lose the battle via a Kardashian exploit. Now, I'm as American as apple pie and defaulting on mortgages, but I do wonder if maybe Al Qaeda might have a point or two when it comes to America's addiction to interracial porn. Even if Kim gets caught by Muslim extremists and they fully intend to make her the star of one of their "special" videos, something tells me that it wouldn't take much to convince those undercover perverts to go from beheading to watersports.

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