Jamie Lynn Spears bikini pics!

I didn't even know this chick was still alive, but Jamie Lynn Spears tweeted some bikini pics of herself over the weekend hanging out with what looks to be her sister. Right? I mean, that girl's obviously way too old to be the daughter of a girl who just turned 21. Wait a minute . . .

*5 Jamie Lynn Spears bikini pictures total in the gallery:

  • Jamie Lynn Spears Twitter Bikini 1
  • Jamie Lynn Spears Twitter Bikini 2
  • Jamie Lynn Spears Twitter Bikini 3
  • Jamie Lynn Spears Twitter Bikini 4
  • Jamie Lynn Spears Twitter Bikini 5
  • SwordOfTheLord

    I know everyone including this trash website thinks she ruined her life having a baby but look at that happy hot mom and her beautiful little girl and you know she made the right choice keeping that child. Looks like her life is turning out just fine. She has millions but is rich in more ways than that. Think that hot mess of a sister did better? Bwahahahahaha

  • Morgan

    Very beautiful MILF that has really made a sucess of her life, and has a wonderful daughter. Southern lady to the core.

  • Eahsaves

    Clearly she has been in the gym all this time, she looks great
    needs to share tips with her sister!


    mommy, when I grows up I wants to be just like Aunty Brit or cusin Miley,sweety youse don't want to go around in life with no pants eatin pilates now pass me sum squirrel salad

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