Eva Longoria at NBC's Upfront Presentation in New York (5/14)

Eva Longoria has a crush on a *gasp* reality star. Yikes. I'd rather tell my parents I was in love with a gay porn star like Mitch Cockthrust than a reality star. From the National Enquirer:
Even though [Eva] now appears to be back with singer Eduardo Cruz, she "fell hard" for Dallas stud Ben Patton after interviewing him for her upcoming NBC dating show, "Ready for Love," says an insider. Eva was spotted kissing him at the L.A. Zoo on April 16, just days before unveiling Ben as one of the three bachelors on the "Today" show.

"Eva first met Ben during the early stages of casting in L.A. back in January, but when they reunited in New York, it was as if they were a couple," said an insider. " They have a lot in common - they're both from Texas, they're close in age, they're hardworking and driven, and they're both gorgeous. Eva was so smitten she told Ben, 'I should just take you for myself, but then I wouldn't have a TV show!'" (Print Edition - 5/21)
Oh boy, the beginning of the end is here for Eva Longoria. The dirt on the Desperate Housewives grave is still fresh, but she's already going down this road? Eva's been a solid C-lister for the entire run of DH, so I don't see the need to jump into reality TV shenanigans (i.e. fucking the help -- let's be honest, that's exactly what she's doing). The only thing real about reality TV are the demons you eventually fight on Celebrity Rehab, THEN YOU DIE. OK, I might have skipped a step or two, but I'm just playing the odds. I don't want that for Eva. I've personally spilled too much seed in her honor and would hate it if her staff finds her at an L.A. hotel face down with her feet sticking out of the tub. I'd probably be upset for at least a day or two, but then I'd move on to plan B and shoot goo to the cast of Modern Family.

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