Dina Lohan leaving the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood (5/18)

Who would've thought that Dina Lohan would eventually become the most successful Lohan? Your move, Lindsay . . . if you're awake yet today. Via Celebuzz:
It looks like a reality TV mash up of NBC's Smash and Disney's High School Musical could be hitting the small screen -- starring Hollywood's most well-known momager Dina Lohan. Celebuzz has learned the mother of Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan has signed on to as-yet unsold documentary-series that promises to chronicle the real-life journey of launching a Broadway-bound musical from "page to stage," while showcasing the incredible talents of our young performers and their DramaMamas, hovering not far behind.

"There is nothing more important to me than a parent standing behind their child and helping them fulfill their dreams," Dina told Celebuzz.
Cool, I can honestly say that I don't have a problem with more Dina in my life. Thank God she didn't follow then boyfriend Michael's advice 25-years-ago and take up horseback riding with saddles made entirely of coat hangers, because her daughter Lindsay has made me a disgustingly wealthy man. Now she's mass-producing horrible children? I say bring it on, baby! It's gonna be great -- the woman who actually ranks below Susan Smith in parenting instincts is in charge of other people's children AND it's gonna be broadcast to the world? Sweet! Dina's lucky this is our last Summer before the end of the world, because prosecutors will barely have enough time to bring her up on child endangerment charges.

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[Pacific Coast News]

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