Aubrey O'Day at the US Weekly Hot Hollywood Party at Greystone Manor in West Hollywood (4/18)

In an interview with Celebuzz, Aubrey O'Day reveals that, despite Arsenio Hall calling her a slut on Celebrity Apprentice, she didn't actually lose her virginity until she was a senior in college. You mean she didn't wait until she was married? What a slut.
The Arsenio Hall-Aubrey O'Day public slanging match has become an unfortunate sideshow of the current series of Donald Trump’s top rating Celebrity Apprentice on NBC. But according to 28-year-old Aubrey, there’s a simple fact that proves her arch nemesis Arsenio, 56, is wrong when he suggests she is promiscuous or a "stank ass."

CELEBUZZ: "Did I hear correctly last week on Love Line that you didn’t lose your virginity until later than most?"

AUBREY O'DAY: "Right! Not until senior year of college. I have friends who [had sex] in high school. I never cared about sex in high school. I was also so into performing. I was always on stage so I never made those types of relationships or had that type of understanding of what everyone else was going through at that time. I was never really exposed to it enough to understand it, or want it, or care about it. I do think that regardless of whether I had been sexual early on or not, or how many partners I’ve had its just a degrading comment across the board. No one really is evil, and no one really is slutty, or whatever, they’re just behaviors and names to degrade people. Everyone is just trying to make it through life as best as they can."
Hey, remember when Arsenio Hall was a comedian? Me neither, but that's what the NAACP keeps telling me. I think I should step in and calm this situation down. Aubrey, you have to give the ol' fella a break. He's almost 60, and he's still trying to make something of himself. It just dawned on Arsenio that kissing Eddie Murphy's ass for all those years got him absolutely nowhere, so now he has to start over and be one of those "dirty" comics. That makes Grandpa Hall a very angry, bitter, little man. Ignore him. Once this season of Celebrity Apprentice is over, Arsenio will be over, too. Now do me a favor and wash your ass, it stinks.

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