Tegan and Sara bikini pics!

Here's some pics of Canadian pop group Tegan and Sara in Barbados over the weekend. According to Wikipedia, even though they look nothing alike, these chicks are identical twin sisters. I don't know who's who, but the chick in black seems way cooler than the boring chick in green. And I'm not gonna lie, breast size may have influenced this conclusion.

UPDATE: Original pics were mislabeled and these chicks may not actually be Tegan and Sara. I'd apologize, but who the fuck cares.

*23 Tegan and Sara pictures total in the gallery:

  • Tegan Sara Bikini 1
  • Tegan Sara Bikini 2
  • Tegan Sara Bikini 3
  • Tegan Sara Bikini 4
  • Tegan Sara Bikini 5
  • Tegan Sara Bikini 6
  • Tegan Sara Bikini 7
  • Tegan Sara Bikini 8
  • Tegan Sara Bikini 9
  • Tegan Sara Bikini 10
  • Tegan Sara Bikini 11
  • Tegan Sara Bikini 12
  • Tegan Sara Bikini 13
  • Tegan Sara Bikini 14
  • Tegan Sara Bikini 15
  • Tegan Sara Bikini 16
  • Tegan Sara Bikini 17
  • Tegan Sara Bikini 18
  • Tegan Sara Bikini 19
  • Tegan Sara Bikini 20
  • jay

    aUTHOR IS Definitely a moron.

  • fegts

    Not tegan and sara, retards

  • LAura

    This is clearly not them. Do you guys even do research?

  • Kelloe G

    Hahaha yeah this isn't tegan and Sara... It's pretty funny that they have taken photos of some random chicks at the beach tho

  • Dick

    not even remotely close ya lazy fuck

  • Ffa77punks

    umm yea, not even close.


    come on these are lesbo's and rather mannish

  • Wiilard

    My roommate's mom says she did a girl-girl threesome with these two, but she doesn't remember their names. She does remember other details

  • Roman


  • Billydub

    Yeah you know what Idontrustjeniloverher is correct. The women with the short hair resembles one of the Quinn sisters but she doesn't have any tattoos. I knew something was weird with these pics. Plus I actually think Tegan and Sara are kind of cute..these girls and a couple grades below.

  • Billydub

    Are you sure that is both Tegan and Sara? The women with the long hair doesn't look like a Quinn sister. I could be wrong. The pic below shows both of them and I always thought they looked like each other for the most part.

  • Idontrustjeniloverher

    ThiS is NOT tegan and sara. Looks nothing like them. A simple google search will prove it. They have loads of tattoos. Get your facts right.

  • Biff

    Fugly - eh!

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