Susan Sarandon at the "Tribeca Talks Director Series" in New York (4/22)

During a Q&A session at the Tribeca Film Festival on Sunday, Susan Sarandon made the claim that the government is spying on her and has actually tapped her phone. Yes, that Susan Sarandon. The actress. Obama is spying on her. From the Daily Beast:
"We know we were under surveillance," Sarandon said in answer to a question from the audience during a Q&A with Moore. "I've had my phone tapped," she went on, noting that she gleaned the disturbing evidence from two Freedom of Information Act requests. "I was denied a security clearance to go to the White House and I don't know why. Do you know why?"
Yes, because you're a pinko bitch who thinks the government is spying on them. I wouldn't let you into my house either.

Oh, this is fun. Ask me another question.

*5 Susan Sarandon pictures total in the gallery:

  • Susan Sarandon Wiretap 1
  • Susan Sarandon Wiretap 2
  • Susan Sarandon Wiretap 3
  • Susan Sarandon Wiretap 4
  • Susan Sarandon Wiretap 5
  • Biff

    Saran Wrap is nuts - ha-haaww!


    Nelson Munson

  • Bubba

    She is a commie, the government should spy on known commies. It was a commie leader that said "We will bury you." Nothing has changed.

  • 8 Inches

    Well, I couldn't agree more with those sentiments. This bitch needs to keep her mouth shut and show us her tits - like her daughter does.


    oh Susan I bet you made the CIA'S blooper reel

  • Hawk

    Surely Obama the anointed one wasn't spying on her.
    Maybe it was her ex Tim Robbins!

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