Russell Brand leaving Earth Bar in West Hollywood (4/11)

Russell Brand was spotted leaving Earth Bar last week with a "mystery blonde." After splitting with the "very very attractive" Katy Perry, Russell dated the just "attractive" Hungarian model Nikolett Barabas. And now he's moved onto this chick. If he keeps this up, next week he'll be dating an old shoe.

*12 Russell Brand pictures total in the gallery:

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  • Russell Brand Nikolett Barabas 2
  • Russell Brand Nikolett Barabas 3
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  • sees clearly

    Writer, you are disgusting and should NOT have the power of the pen if you are just using it to hurt people. This girl is beautiful, you are hideous, and I hope your managing editor gives you a permanent job on the Lost Dog beat.

  • Nestor

    What's wrong? I think this woman is very Attractive too..

  • barb

    This girl looks great to me....but then again if she put on a ton of makeup so that her face looked plastic and then dyed her hair blue , she could be just like Katie Perry. Katy is not even close to a goddess OR an angel...but then again I guess it all depends on what your definition of goddess and angel is. Russell is definetely NOT attreactive but he does seem to like himself....a lot.

  • Salsamjb

    You show me a beautiful woman and I'll you a guy who's tired of sleeping with her.

  • Suze

    Who's the malicious beeuch or sad gay guy that would talk about R Brand going from KP to "this", to maybe an old shoe next? Pathetic, envious, vicarious, and just plain stupid. You wish anyone like R Brand, or anyone famous, would go near YOU.

  • veronica

    I think she is pretty and she looks like a non trashy version of Kendra Wilkerson

  • the masked middle finger

    You need to see the pic of katy perry without make up.

  • Grandml

    She looks okay to me.

  • Jimih1942

    she's a fucking model plus brand is class he could have any woman he wanted

  • Jan Belagam

    I can't stand him!

  • Leciab27

    Wow,,, I think the girl he's with is very attractive. Katty on the other hand not so much.. It's called make up

  • Anthony Risola

    you are being quite harsh,there is nothing wrong with her and come on its russell brand we`re talking about.

  • Ash

    This girl is beautiful. How awful it is to dog her... I think she is better looking than Katy Perry and come on folks... It's not like Russell has the greatest looks.

  • Lgall108

    WTF?? This is what perpetuates insecurity in women of all ages. This girl is highly attractive and natural. I wish the people that posted these comments were required to share a photo of themselves as well.

  • She is a good looking woman, with poor taste in clothes, and putrid taste in men.

  • Michaelisaacrosenberg

    She looks pretty good to me. What's this writer on?

  • Did Perry's publicist right this? What a ridiculous mean spirited article.

  • I think she looks very laid back and is very beautiful. Maybe this is who Russel Brand needs to be with?

  • I think she is beautiful.

  • Parkerhailey67

    what's wrong with this girl? NOTHING is wrong with her. Jeeez, just STF uc k up

  • Lia

    oh right, the media always choose who is attractive and who not, simply die all in hell lol

  • Ugh.

    Shallow much.

  • sopwhattcadoing

    um...that's kinda really mean

  • Frances_suhargo

    I actually think this blonde look way much better and natural than Katy Perry anytime. This article writer obviously has terrible artifical Hollywood taste when it comes to look. At least this blonde looks friendly and approachable and better looking than Katy Perry anytime hands down.

  • Lucia facetti-hutcheson

    i see no difference,average at best

  • MtnGorilla

    katy without makeup vs this girl. and the winner is?

  • are famous people not allowed to date whomever they want no matter what they look like? That girl is pretty. But what would it matter if she wasn't? Way to push shallowness. Just what we need more of.

  • barbara

    Look's to me like Nikolett's the one who's dating the old shoe....

  • Tayma_rose

    As much as I like Katy Perry, she's not nearly as attractive as this girl. Seen Katy sans makeup. Not good looking at all. I'm a fan too, but lets keep it real.

  • Tescideskidal82

    This womn looks fine and she seems to not have on makeup and still look good. Katy Perry is pretty as well, she wears a lot of make-up but she looks good without it too. . .its so rude to judge this woman because she is not Katy Perry. Sometimes I wonder about this "new" kind of society we live in . . . .

  • Bmoss86

    Upgrade for sure. Katy Perry is butt ugly

  • Rob

    Don't even think katy is good looking certainly not a goddess she looks worse than the girl there without makeup

  • Kim Russell

    Wow!! What a racist/sexist parasite, maggot, cockroach, vermin, and SCUM you are!!

  • supreme goddess

    you are one nasty bastard. google this woman, she makes perry look pretty dang ordinary.

  • whatever

    have u seen katie w/out makeup/

  • Aaronkash10

    this girl in this picture is way way way better looking than katy perry katy perrys not that hot? she never was so confused?

  • crittab

    I'm not sure what the writers problem is, but this woman is beautiful. You literally know nothing about her, and your closest comparison is an 'old shoe'? Really? Geez.

  • ViolentRunning

    Can't believe how rude and insulting this article is. The girl in that picture looks pretty damn fit to me, and even if I didn't think so, I wouldn't compare her to one up from an old shoe. Who the hell are you? I'm sure Katy Perry would agree that without a morning in make-up she's just another pretty girl. As for Russell,good luck to him. Don't think I'd get on with him but he does have a way with words.

  • Any of you who are attracted to Katy Perry should consider the fact that she wears about 3 pounds of make up.

  • susie

    jeez, what is wrong with the fools that wrote that caption? she is a pretty girl, and I was thinking, why in the world does she want to hang with such an unkept male!! that was just do you think that makes the "mystery blonde" feel? the one who judged this photo needs to look in the mirror. I'm pretty certain they are not so "hot" themselves

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