Madonna at the launch of her new fragrance "Truth or Dare" at Macy's in New York (4/12)

Aw, this is so cute. Madonna's raiding her daughter Lourdes' closet for outfits. Oops, did I say cute? I mean fucking pathetic. From Life & Style:
"I live in [Lourdes'] Converse sneakers," the 53-year-old told Life & Style in the new issue, on newsstands now. And Lourdes, 15, is definitely following in her mother's footsteps. "She's always wearing my combat boots," Madonna tells Life & Style.

"She does have amazing style," Madonna raves about her material girl. "But I'm the typical mother, where I say, 'You can't go to school dressed like that!'"

And if Lourdes ever steps out of line, Madonna reveals how she deals with it. "She's a rebel!" Madonna says. "I take her phone away!"
Converse just became lame. Sorry about that, hipsters and punk rock posers, your favorite footwear just jumped the shark and you can thank old lady Madge for that. Yes, I know you love them -- all of you carbon-copied, Starbucks-slurping, mustache-wearing, hopelessly addicted to fashion followers do love your trends -- but it's over. Converse sneakers just joined bowling shirts and Ed Hardy jeans in the bargain bin at Walmart (someone alert Jon Gosselin). Old ladies set fashion trends for old ladies, and do you really want to wear old lady shoes? If anyone's closet should be getting raided, it's Madonna's by Lourdes for show and tell in her Ancient History class at school. "Teacher, these orthopedic shoes were the oldest thing I could find."

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