Lisa Robin Kelly's mug shot

Lisa Robin Kelly, who played Eric's (Topher Grace) older sister Laurie on That 70's Show, was arrested Saturday morning at her home in Lost Hills, CA and booked on a felony charge of corporal injury upon a spouse. After seeing her mug shot, everyone on the internet said:
Holy. Fucking. Shit.
On the one hand, I feel sad for Lisa, but on the other, happy for drug dealers all over California. Seriously, 52 of them just realized that the chick that blew them last month for a free eight ball of meth used to be on That 70's Show. They totally hooked up with a celebrity!


*5 Lisa Robin Kelly pictures total in the gallery:

  • Lisa Robin Kelly Arrest 1
  • Lisa Robin Kelly Arrest 2
  • Lisa Robin Kelly Arrest 3
  • Lisa Robin Kelly Arrest 4
  • Lisa Robin Kelly Arrest 5
  • chuck

    i agree. there is something about her, vulnerable yet threatening at the same time. I would jump on her in a second..shes the kind of girl you want to help but she can teach you something a the same time (in bed)..

  • Adipex

    i like this


  • Bclev3

    The top picture isn't even Lisa Robyn Kelly! It is Christina Moore who replaced her! The bottom one is Lisa.

  • Jugglo

    This is my kind of woman and she looks like she would enjoy my kind of wierd sex.. I want to fill her with my man juice

  • ok,A short time ago I have got the same trouble, that is like the circumstances while you want to complete smth. Although you do not since the sickness will not allow you. Yet when I tested the solution, I was normal. Go for it!

  • Morgan

    Granted her hair is a bit mussed by she has an erotic attractiveness. I would certainly enjoy having her molest me. The more I stare at the top photo, the hotter she looks and the harder I get. The bottom photo is your typical california blonde bimbo.

  • ok,They totally hooked up with a celebrity!


    nice mugshot Miss Lohan

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