Lindsay Lohan on the set of Glee in L.A. (4/25)

Here's some rare pictures of Lindsay Lohan, the rareness part being the fact that she's actually on the set of something (Glee). Since 2007, more pictures have been taken of Bigfoot than Lindsay Lohan collecting a paycheck.

UPDATE: And now TMZ is saying that Lindsay was late to set after a night out partying. I'm not gonna lie, I saw this coming.

UPDATE #2: E! says she was 3 hours late. That's not even late. That's early for the next day.

*10 Lindsay Lohan pictures total in the gallery:

  • Lindsay Lohan Glee Set 1
  • Lindsay Lohan Glee Set 2
  • Lindsay Lohan Glee Set 3
  • Lindsay Lohan Glee Set 4
  • Lindsay Lohan Glee Set 5
  • Lindsay Lohan Glee Set 6
  • Lindsay Lohan Glee Set 7
  • Lindsay Lohan Glee Set 8
  • Lindsay Lohan Glee Set 9
  • Lindsay Lohan Glee Set 10
[Pacific Coast News]
  • Anonymous

    Screw it, if you can't beat em, join em...ENABLE AWAY!

    LL, you are the most talented & beautiful woman in the world, here's a 6 figure movie contract, another deal for 3 new albums, 2 book deals, another line of clothing....WHAT? She OD'ed? Oops!

  • Festus

    Someday she will meet her handsome prince, get married and settle down in a litttle house in the suburbs and raise a family. On the weekends they will all go fishing.

  • what's up beautiful. yes, i know some people suck shit, and they could never understand how sensitive, loving and kind you are.

  • Vloggerazzi

    Interesting...second working gig that doesn't involve meeting strangers in a hotel. Red hair = work for Lindsay.

  • Cetaele

    She's an ashtray


    is she missing her left hand?

  • LL

    You go girl. You are the greatest, the one with the mostest, beloved by all.

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