Lauren Conrad is sensitive

Lauren Conrad admits in the new issue of Glamour that it's taken years for her to recover from some unflattering bikini shots that were taken of her in Mexico years ago. That poor poor thing. I'm sure a lot of vets that served in Iraq and Afghanistan can sympathize with her horrific flashbacks. Via Global Grind:
Lauren Conrad has come a long way since her days as the mall-shopping teen on Laguna Beach. And now she has found her way from The Hills to the cover of Glamour Magazine, but lost her shirt along the way. LC is featured on the cover of the women's magazine in nothing but a pair of underoos, but still manages to make the cover a classy one. A nude Conrad on the cover may come as a surprise to most, as the reality TV star has previously been extremely public about her struggles with body image that have kept her from suiting up in a two-piece and hitting the sunny beaches of L.A.

Check out the excerpt from the Glamour interview below:

On unflattering paparazzi shots taken in Mexico keeping her from hitting the beaches of Los Angeles in a bikini for years: "It was really nasty. I took it very personally, and I have not [been comfortable} in a bathing suit in Los Angeles for years because of it."
Meh. Lauren is worried about what? Being a plain Jane? There are more important things to worry about than your boring ass, Lauren. Things like global warming and race relations in America for starters. Hell, I worry more about having the proper ratio of red to blue M&M'S than I do about Lauren. Wait a sec, now that I'm thinking about it . . . why am I writing about Lauren Conrad? The Hills was cancelled, like, 10 years ago and she hasn't followed up with anything that's entertained me since, which means she's a nobody again. I'll put it to you people this way: If a sinkhole opened up in Laguna Beach and only swallowed Lauren, the story would be "Two Talentless Voids Meet, Combine Powers." Is that too mean? Trick question, I don't care.

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