Katy Perry boarding a private jet at LAX airport (4/19)

With friends like these, who needs enemies? From the Chicago Sun Times:
Katy Perry's personal posse are deeply concerned her rebound romance with Robert Ackroyd, the guitarist for Florence + The Machine, is coming way too soon after the collapse of her marriage to Russell Brand.

"She's in love with the idea of being in love," said a Perry pal Monday. "This won't last."
I love Katy Perry's friends, I really do. They're so holy that they can't bring themselves to state the obvious: Katy Perry has a hole that needs constant filling. I think it's pretty clear that she made sex-addict Russell Brand and his unclipped haggis roll run back to England, denying her her liver impalements. Katy Perry has seen more dicks than the lower keyhole in Anderson Cooper's back door, which oddly enough is still less than what Paris Hilton sees in a week. Girls, let Katy have her fun. She's only seeing Robert Ackroyd -- he's gonna discover a fondness for penis sooner rather than later.

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