Safe to say that Jessica Simpson won't be receiving a Christmas card this year from French footwear designer Christian Louboutin. Because her new platform sandal "Evangel" looks very similar to Louboutin's platform sandal "Statarata." And by "very similar" I mean "they're the same fucking thing" (see here). From the Daily Mail:
Christian Louboutin designed the 'Statarata' in 2010, because clothing and accessories are not protected by copyright law in the US, the company will not be able to take action regardless of their views on Ms Simpson's shoe.

Budget-conscious fashionistas however will no doubt be flocking to the shops to snatch up a pair of the affordable platforms. The 'Evangel' carry a fairly priced tag of $98 while the slightly daintier 'Staratata' set buyers back a whopping $995.
We might be jumping the gun on this one here, buddies. I can only imagine the rage that Christian Louboutin must feel knowing that thunder thighs Simpson totally ripped his designs off, but Jessica did make enough changes to his shoes to make them her own. For example, her shoes can support a maximum weight of 350 pounds. The Louboutins can't do anything nearly as impressive as that. Also, Jessica added a very special feature to her brand shoes: they're 100% edible.

"But Jessica, aren't these made with plastic, leather, and metal parts?"

Jessica: "Of course, they're shoes. What's your point?"

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  • Super

    Sounds more like louboutin is ripping off consumers. so f him!

  • lyx

    I would be embarrassed to wear something that had jessica simpson's name on it.

  • anon

    Lets cut the crap here. Jess has not done anything different then anyone else in the real world. designs for less will always be & should be. Oscar dresses the next morning are up & being sold only with different fabric. Every design on the planet comes from another design that someone feels they can do better & change. The ladies that can afford the red soled shoe will still have there red soled shoe & still be able to show there wealth by being able to own the red soled shoe & the ladies not able to afoord 1000 dollar shoes can still have a piece of the dream. If your going to start this crap then start looking in everyones closet at who is making what not just one person. Jessica is afordable & has a great product iin clothing , shoes & bags. Jessica serves the working class people & its appreciated to give a small taste. Notice how many others have now followed suit. WE have a place in this world too & dreams. MOst of the high fashion fashionistas forget that & most of there products are alittle too far out there for the common folk.

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  • TruthTeller


  • Morgan

    There are only so many ways you can design a sandal. Get over it. Any sandal that does not follow the Roman Army pattern are wothless anyway.

  • kmerrill84

    You'd be right for something like a black patent pump but when you use the exact same design of a shoe that's fuschia and lavender with that kind of strap and buckle style then it's a rip-off.


    Jessica signed a contract with Mack trucks to build the soles and heels and were tested at the Dominos Pizza test kithchens

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