Jessica Simpson is having sextuplets, right?

Tori Spelling has come to the defense of Jessica Simpson after Joy Behar basically called her fat earlier this week on The View. She's not fat. It's just a bad angle. Via Celebuzz:
On The View Tuesday, Behar, 69, said: “Most women who are pregnant are not supposed to gain more than 25 pounds -- she looks like she gained a lot more than that". In an exclusive interview with Celebuzz, 38-year-old Tori Spelling — who announced last month that she expecting her forth child, just five months after giving birth — said:

"When women are pregnant, people need to lay off. It’s a really special time and you should be able to deal with it in your own terms. You just have to wear it proud and go with it. Every body is different. As far is weight, you never know what is going to happen. You can’t control what angle people are snapping your photo from."
No, Joy is right, Jessica is fat. Fatso even said she gained 40 pounds recently, allegedly because she's pregnant, but I'm not buying it. What is interesting is that Tori Spelling jumped galloped into the conversation. I do agree with Tori that women get pretty disgusting when they're knocked up, but before we have that discussion, I'd rather hear Tori describe how it's possible she manages to live with a giant hole in her chest. It's the damnedest thing I've ever seen in my life, and I fought in 'Nam.

*20 Jessica Simpson pictures total in the gallery:

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  • Imprettiest24

    Yawn Courtney. That is NOT how most pg girls look.u know who says shit like that? Fat girls. I'm eight months pregnant and have gained eighteen pds.why? Bc that's REASONABLE. pregnancy isn't a free for all.u eat what's normal or enough to feed ur baby nutrition. Not enough to feed Iraq.when she pops that TODDLER out and u see miss daisy dukes looks lile a fat slob u will understand ...this was just her excuse to give up put on sweats and let the fat hillbilly inside free

  • Bubba

    Hillbillys' tend to be slim, even skinny. Goes to show you never got out of the city.

  • Leave her alone She's said herself that her baby girl was predicted to be 10lbs at birth and that she's carrying excess amniotic fluid plus she's short 5ft 3 1/2in so it's gonna show bigger than it would on a tall girl like Joely Richardson who is 5ft 10in and admitted to gaining 75lbs with her daughter Daisy but her dad also passed away while she was pregnant and her daughter was 11lbs 6oz at birth and nobody said anything to her. besides those photos were taken after Jess & Her fiance had eatten as well leave the poor girl alone it's her first pregnancy most first time pregnant women with no complications present gain between 45 and 55lbs but if there are complications all bets are off my mom who was 5ft 3in and 117lbs before she conceived me had a really difficult pregnancy in which she gained 65lbs and I was 7lbs 11oz & 21 1/2in long 12 days overdue which thankfully Jessica's daughter won't be and she'll get to have her c-section which my mom should've and didn't. @Rob you're an idiot Snooki will look a whole lot bigger than Jessica does because she's shorter at 4ft 11in simillar to Frank Sinatra's mother Natalie Della "Dolly" Garaventa Sinatra and frank was 13 1/2lbs at birth


    Courtney, Frank Sinatra was born driving a Cadillac with 3 hookers in it and a case of Johnny Walker and a carton of Lucky Strikes when Dolly delivered him

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  • Robsright

    Looks like she ate a pregnant woman.

  • Morgan

    She has that beautiful glow of advanced pregnancy. Spooning with Jess would be a memorable experience. Jess just gets better looking by the day. Another happy thought, once Jess pops her little one, Snooki will be starting to show. We will be able to watch snooki grow and grow bigger every week. Hopefully there will be sexy neked Snooki photos to look at.


    unless she's shoplifting watermellons I don't buy it

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