Jenny McCarthy at the grand opening of Pascal Mouawad's Glamhouse on Melrose Avenue in Beverly Hills (2/16)

What's up with the Chicago Bears and hooking up with B-listers. First Jay Cutler knocked up Kristin Cavallari, and now Jenny McCarthy is in love with Brian Urlacher. From the Chicago Sun Times:
South Side native Jenny McCarthy is said to be more than just "giddy" about her new romance with Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher. A longtime pal of the actress and TV personality (going back to her days at Mother McAuley High School) tells me that McCarthy “has really fallen for the guy. He’s such a man's man, the most macho guy Jenny's dated or been involved with for a long, long time."

According to the source, McCarthy loves how Urlacher is the strong, silent type — the way he "quietly takes care of her when they're together. That may sound old-fashioned, especially since Jenny is very much her own person and a very contemporary, independent woman in many ways. But she loves the attention and the way he treats her. It's very comforting."
I know it's a slow start to the attention whore season, but we're really scraping the bottom of the barrel on this one. Jenny McCarthy is not a celebrity. Well, not anymore. She used to be back when there was no internet and you had to actually buy a Playboy to see bleached blonde tacos (aka "The Dark Ages"). Besides that, her career is a question mark. Does banging Jim Carrey count? Maybe in the Ace Ventura and Dumb and Dumber days, but not now. The real story is that apparently Brian Urlacher totally digs cougars, which is strange because bears and cougars are natural enemies. He can have his pick of the Chicago litter, but he chose the 1993 Playmate of the Year. Brian, enjoy your cameos on The Real Housewives of whatever city Jenny ends up in.

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  • MacKenzie Hawkins

    That is all I need to see. Time to put mony down on the bears missing the playoffs. Look at what happens to athletes when they start dating 2nd tier starlets. Look at tony room, cutler , t.o., chad Johnson, they performed miserably.

    Jenny's zaniness , along with her traffic-stopping figure, will prevent Brian from focusing on his rehab and leading the defense. They might have a worse record than the Vikings next season. Ouch!

  • Daley

    She is just a simple home town girl from Chi Town, the Mecca of the midwest, and leader of national culture.

  • Vloggerazzi

    Nothing new for Urlacher to date tv celebrities. You failed to mention his thing with Paris Hilton.

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