Chris Brown leaving Tru nightclub in Hollywood (3/8)

Chris Brown is now selling pit bull puppies for $1,000/each on his new website CB Breeds. I'd link to it, but fuck him. From ABC News:
The four male and four female American pit bull terriers were born at the end of February and carry a fourth-generation performance pedigree, according to the site.

No, Brown isn’t getting out of the music business. His rep Maureen O’Connor told The Associated Press that the pups were born to dogs he keeps at his family home in Virginia. She said he’s simply selling them to make sure they go to good homes, not to start a new business.
A special trait of Brown's pit bulls is that you can beat the shit out of them and they'll still love you afterwards. So a lot like Rihanna.

*10 Chris Brown pictures total in the gallery:

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  • crcgirl

    Not surprised. I heard he has a brain the size of a pea. His music won't sell so now he is using dogs to make a profit. Didn't he beat up his girlfriend too? These poor dogs......abusers normally start with animals first. What a loser. Did he even finish highschool?????? It's always the uneducated blacks that perpetuate this cycle.

  • Laurie D

    "I'd link to it, but fuck him."

    Good lord, I love this website.

  • dg101

    Does he beat the shit out of THEM, too?

  • JAZ

    Cris Brown is a warrior, he is deadly armed or unarmed. Of course he would be in the business of breeding and selling warrior dogs. Warriors of the world salute you Chris.

  • crcgirl

    See my comment above. Warrior? LOL.


    Michael Vick, have I got a deal for you

  • Crazy_Hater

    Chris Brown is in the "Asshole" business and he's a walking billboard for his business. Too bad there is so much competition in Hollywood that this ASSHOLE doesn't stick out from the rest.

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