Charlize Theron arriving at the Staples Center for the Lakers v Spurs game (4/17)

Is Keanu Reeves nailing Charlize Theron? Sure, why not. From In Touch Weekly:
Now that she's a single mom to adopted son Jackson, Charlize Theron is looking for a baby daddy. And the 36-year-old actress has her sights set on her longtime friend — and rumored former beau — Keanu Reeves! A pal tells In Touch the Sweet November co-stars have gotten closer since Charlize brought home Jackson and friends think a rekindled romance is inevitable. "They were friends with benefits in the past," the friend says, "but now it's something more." So is Keanu, 47, dad material? "He babysits and brings toys when he visits Charlize and Jackson," the friend reports. "He even built the crib and changes diapers!"
Fuck Neo. This guy is on the run of ages. How is it fair that Dumb Keanu Reeves is still a celebrity? His career started and should have ended in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. He has the "huh?" look on his face all the time, as if he's pondering the mathematics involved in quantum mechanics, when all he really wants is a frozen yogurt. Yet here we are, two decades of hackery later, and I'm reporting that this guy is banging Charlize Theron. Whatever. Keanu's clearly hooked on the blue pill, but what about Charlize? Is he that hung? What can these two talk about that doesn't involve surfboards? Unless Charlize is a Dogstar groupie, I just can't wrap my head around this one, kids.

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