Amanda Bynes is a mess

Rehab in 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . From the Chicago Sun Times:
Amanda Bynes continues to constantly party and go out every single night — against advice from people close to her to cool it following her DUI arrest. Apparently, Bynes "goes nuts," says one source, if she can't go out. "She gets stir-crazy if she has to stay at home," adds the Bynes buddy. "She can't sit still — almost has a panic attack — if she can't go out."
Amanda likes to party, does she? This is perfect timing for me -- I was worried that I wouldn't have anyone new to write about this summer. I know this recession has been tough on all of us -- there's no jobs, homes are being foreclosed on, the price of cocaine keeps getting higher . . . oops, I mean gasoline (no I didn't) -- but at least the Lord above has given us the spectacular fall of Amanda Bynes. While not as epic as Lindsay Lohan's, give it time. With the proper amount of motivation and lubrication, I believe we can finally see a Nickelodeon kid descend into Fatty Arbuckle territory.

*10 Amanda Bynes pictures total in the gallery:

  • Amanda Bynes Partier 1
  • Amanda Bynes Partier 2
  • Amanda Bynes Partier 3
  • Amanda Bynes Partier 4
  • Amanda Bynes Partier 5
  • Amanda Bynes Partier 6
  • Amanda Bynes Partier 7
  • Amanda Bynes Partier 8
  • Amanda Bynes Partier 9
  • Amanda Bynes Partier 10
[Pacific Coast News]
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  • TheWH

    Shame on Celebslam for printing infamous lies and untruths!!!! There is NO RECESSION!!! The U.S. has been in a recovery phase since the spring of 09, thanks to the efforts of Mr. Obama. Lets get the truth out, we are three years into a recovery from the Bush depression. Our economy is thriving.

  • Fern

    Powerful forces are out to give a good girl a bad name. Why are they so afraid of this lovely lady that they want to drag her down? I would take Amanda home with me any evening.

  • Wohlgemuthsmith

    Amanda is Looking so Gorgeous and beautiful.she use a different costume for make a Good Personality.

  • Judy

    How come she's a victim now? Did I miss something.
    Delicious pair of boots, anyway.

  • Morgan

    Is the Evil Sam going after poor Amanda Bynes with her scandalous lies. Will this evil creature stop at nothing to attack and defame beautiful young Hollywood celebs. First Linds and now Amanda. When will this reign of journalistic terror end. BTW Amanda, your looking good babe.

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