Amanda Bynes' mug shot

Here's Amanda Bynes' mug shot from her arrest earlier this morning. Wow, I really like her eye shadow. She must have gotten a ton of compliments from all the bulldykes in D-Block.

  • mystery

    i used to love her

  • steven

    cops are bad just as bad as criminals if they get someone in trouble just for something they want. that don't make them any different then the bad guys cops are after

  • Zzzustinbiber

    ameds died

  • Luvchild

    She looks like the kind of girl you would find teaaching a Sunday school class. Was she framed?

  • Morgan

    Friends say she was sober as a deacon. The coppers pulled her over and wanted favors. She rightly refused and got framed on a DUI. The girl is rightious. Also scared out of her wits.

  • Morgan

    A little bloated looking, but otherwise looks semi-normal

  • Robsright

    This chick looks bloated in about 1/2 of her pictures. It's weird. I noticed this years ago.

  • Nahuel

    What happened to her? She's about to explode! Run!

  • Morgan


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