Amanda Bynes arrested for DUI

Amanda Bynes was busted for DUI this morning in the most awesome way possible. She hit a cop car. Ouch. Kinda hard to talk your way out of that one. From TMZ:
Law enforcement sources tell us Bynes was attempting to pass a cop car ... when she sideswiped the vehicle. She was pulled over and cops determined she was not fit to be behind the wheel.

We're told the 26-year-old actress was busted at 3 AM ... she's still behind bars. Her bail has been set at $5,000.
Hitting a cop car when you're drunk is pretty dumb, but Amanda has to look on the bright side. At least she didn't drive into KITT from Knight Rider or Christine, the '58 Plymouth Fury from the Stephen King novel. As such, she is still alive to claim her title as "The New Lindsay Lohan." Congrats Amanda! We're proud of you!

*21 Amanda Bynes pictures total in the gallery:

  • Amanda Bynes DUI 1
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  • Amanda Bynes DUI 3
  • Amanda Bynes DUI 4
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  • Amanda Bynes DUI 8
  • Amanda Bynes DUI 9
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  • Amanda Bynes DUI 11
  • Amanda Bynes DUI 12
  • Amanda Bynes DUI 13
  • Amanda Bynes DUI 14
  • Amanda Bynes DUI 15
  • Amanda Bynes DUI 16
  • Amanda Bynes DUI 17
  • Amanda Bynes DUI 18
  • Amanda Bynes DUI 19
  • Amanda Bynes DUI 20
[WENN, FameFlynet]
  • Luvchild

    Hot and sexy, I want to make beautiful music with her and a corncob

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  • Nahuel

    She really does look like a cheap whore. I mean, no kidding.

  • Morgan

    Extremely sexy and good looking girl, but Jeeeeze where did she ever get those ugly shoes. I hope someone paid her to take them off their feet. She could win first place in an ugly shoe contest with those nasty looking things. Anyone that would wear them in public should be arrested for a public eyesore.

  • Nyo03

    Why does she look like Stifflers mom and she only 26

  • Vloggerazzi

    Calling her the New Lindsay Lohan is an insult to Lindsay Lohan. It might be as a "working girl" but at least Lindsay has a job.

  • Hawk

    What's up with her face?

    Didn't she have another run in with the police recently?

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