Reese Witherspoon hiking in L.A. (3/21)

Like Adriana Lima, Reese Witherspoon is also pregnant yet again. Unlike Adriana, Reese doesn't look like this in a bikini. Or this. Or this. Or this. Or this. Or this. Though Reese hasn't announced anything officially, a source told Us Weekly that she's three months along:
"Reese is right around 12 weeks," one source explains, adding that the This Means War star is "not planning to announce it."

Pals of Witherspoon and [her husband], high-powered CAA agent Jim Toth, 41, aren't shocked by the happy news. "Reese and Jim have been trying to get pregnant," one pal says.

And now that the A-list couple are breaking the news to a small circle of friends, their baby joy is obvious.

"The timing is right," one source says. "She's so happy!"
Dammit, why does every pregnancy story have to be so damn cheerful and full of joy? Just once I want to read about some parents who are legitimately bummed out. "Tom and Katie were pretty angry when the pregnancy test came back positive. They fired Suri's nanny after they caught her stealing silver and they're just not sure they want to go through the hiring process to bring in someone new. Luckily they have a few months left to decide if they want to abort, but it definitely seems like they're leaning that way."

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