Lindsay Lohan leaving an SNL afterparty in New York (3/3)

Lindsay, just get it over with and sign a contract with Vivid already. We all know that's gonna be the conclusion to your story. From the New York Post:
Lindsay Lohan's current campaign for a career comeback will continue with a "sexual thriller" from Kris Thykier, the producer of Madonna's "W.E." Sources say that Lohan is joining the cast of a feature project directed by Johan Renck, the Swedish music video guru who's shot clips for the Material Girl, Kylie Minogue, Robbie Williams, New Order and Chris Cornell.
Awe, shit. Look folks, I have no problem letting you know that pre-Playboy I would have been all in on a LiLo skin flick --"pre-Playboy" being the operative word here. I've seen her goodies, and i think we can all agree that Lindsay just doesn't have it anymore. She hasn't given straight men any type of hard-on since the Disney days (although you can say the same for most Disney stars). Unless Lindsay does full blown hardcore porn, I'll pass on her upcumming projects. Get it? "Upcumming? That's what I call brilliantly witty, you fucks.

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[Pacific Coast News]

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