Leo DiCaprio on the set of The Great Gatsby in Sydney last year

Leonardo DiCaprio is making it harder and harder to unlike him. You could say he's the anti-Lindsay Lohan. From the Chicago Sun Times:
Always a gentleman, Leonardo DiCaprio, snubbed by Oscar for "J. Edgar," reportedly sent a bottle of Dom Perignon to each nominee in the acting categories.
Dom Perignon, Leo? Let's go over some of your recent history, because you're almost too cool for the room at this point. You're running through supermodels faster than a Victoria's Secret booking agent, but you let them down easy so there's never any embarrassing post breakup buffoonery. That alone makes you Superman. You're close to your mom, but she doesn't run your life. Automatic panty-dropper right there. To top all of that off, you sent bottles of the good hooch to the guy who aced you out of an Oscar? Congratulations, Mr. D, you've hit a Dean Martin level of cool that even I haven't achieved. I think you just earned yourself the respect of a certain Pulitzer prize-winning Internet journalist, fella.

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  • Master Yoda

    Richard Simmons called, he wants his hoodie back.

  • Yeahh

    Humility isn't the word that describes this man

  • Caro

    why did he give them champagne?

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  • Morgan

    Leo's taste in woman flesh is beyond reproach.

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