The new Kardashian Kollection lingerie ad

Where to start here . . . Khloe's wearing heels yet still barely taller than Kim. Kim's waist appears to be 15 inches wide. Kourtney's face might actually be from another model. All three appear to have empathetic souls not driven by lust and greed. This is just stupid. Why not photoshop tails and horns on all of them? It'd be just as real.

*5 Kardashian Kollection pictures total in the gallery:

  • Kardashian Kollection Lingerie 1
  • Kardashian Kollection Lingerie 2
  • Kardashian Kollection Lingerie 3
  • Kardashian Kollection Lingerie 4
  • Kardashian Kollection Lingerie 5
  • Alex_delpi91

    to end up in the trash

  • Biff

    What won't these whores do fo' da money?

  • Pinkpony

    How much in overtime did the children of china get paid to dress these dirty whores?


    oh I thought this was an ad for the Mustang Ranch or the best liitle whorehouse in California

  • Half their advertising fees probably go on photoshop!

  • GQ

    All of that "Photoshopping" went to waste. KHLOE IS STILL UGLY.

  • Amandamc789

    he (i assume... or the girl with the weight issues and no backbone) managed to make kim too small, kourtney too big and khloe too big and too small.. who knows? khloe is healthy and happy and fabulous. she goes to sleep with love and happiness, not photoshop.. and i support her rise to fame, not kim. she is not a big girl and anyone who says otherwise is clearly dealing with their own weight identity and i feel for their struggle...or they're just an ignorant, catty, jackass.. meh.. comme si comme sa

  • Morgan

    These girls should be thanked for providing affordable intimate apperal. Millions of women can afford to buy the Kardshian kollection. Bless you K sisters!


    Sears should re-name them the CRAFTSMAN series Kardashian Kollection since they are craftsman tough to screw anything

  • Vloggerazzi

    When Sears Holding Corporation finally goes belly up and their brick and mortar Sears/K-Mart stores start closing en masse. Investors will look back and see that this was linchpin to their collapse.

  • Morgan

    Those photos gave me such a boner I had to go spank the monkey. Sexy hot Ks'.

  • Kardashian-Hater

    Hey look, they managed to get all three of these useless fucking CUNTS in one photo (must have used a super-wide angle, bullet-proof lens). The last time I saw something this hideous it was a picture of a bulls asshole with a bad case of the shits. What a trio of SLUTS, why must we be subjected to these moronic WHORES??

  • Morgan

    You are such a hater. It is unseemly and prejudice. These are sweet and beutiful sisters who have worked hard for their fame and $$$.

  • Jjackson

    At least Kim is more covered up than in her ridiculously too small bikinis.

  • Margo

    They know how to make that money! They'll never get a dime form me, but...

  • Motorboat Captain

    Why photoshop tails and horns on them when they spent all that time and money photoshopping the tails and horns off of them?

  • Your point is valid sir

  • jack88

    They are all douche bags

  • Unruly


  • Doofenheinz

    Isn't kourtney pregnant? Must have chopped it out.

  • Minah

    I think their orangey skin color is the only unphotoshopped thing.

  • $1014741

    I find it ridiculous that "celebrities" are not hiring actual models. Posing for ads for their own product, wearing the product- is tacky.Kardashians are the tackiest of them all.

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