Jude Law out and about in Primrose Hill, London (1/26)

Apparently some horny college coeds from NYU who live across from Jude Law are taking pictures of him in his apartment, and he's not okay with it. Wait, what? Is this Bizarro World? That sounds awesome as hell. From the Chicago Sun Times:
Coming on the heels of Jude Law's victimization in the News Corp. phone hacking scandal in Britain — which landed him a healthy six-figure settlement from Rupert Murdoch’s media empire — the actor is even more paranoid about his privacy than ever. That’s why he went ballistic when he learned New York University undergrads — living in a dorm across the street from Law's Greenwich Village penthouse — were photographing him walking around his apartment shirtless and working out on his terrace. Now Law is hunting for new Big Apple digs — paying special attention to neighboring buildings and any possible sites where his privacy could be breached.
I need to schedule a sit down with Jude Law's people. Obviously his career hasn't been the same since Chris Rock threw a beating his way a few years ago at the Oscars, but Jude is morphing from being a Hollywood B-lister to something else. I now present the evidence and my conclusion for your viewing pleasure:

  1. Refusing to close blinds while you're prancing around your apartment, naked as the day you were born.
  2. Doing kegels on your balcony with God and the Saints as witnesses, in front of horny college drunks.
  3. Living alone in NYC, where all you need for privacy are blinds.
  4. More often than not, you stumble home from bars night after night, looking for Mr. or Ms. Goodbar.
Congrats, Jude. You're an NYC cougar. What? Did you people think I was going for the metrosexual angle? The word "metrosexual" jumped the shark harder than saying "jumped the shark." I'm too much of a rebel badass to conform to your rules, squares.

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