Ivanka Trump at the launch of her new clothing collection at Lord and Taylor in New York (3/28)

I never noticed this before, but Ivanka Trump has a really long neck. Like, freakishly so. I bet she's really good at peeking over things.

Moving along . . .

*10 Ivanka Trump pictures total in the gallery:

  • Ivanka Trump Neck 1
  • Ivanka Trump Neck 2
  • Ivanka Trump Neck 3
  • Ivanka Trump Neck 4
  • Ivanka Trump Neck 5
  • Ivanka Trump Neck 6
  • Ivanka Trump Neck 7
  • Ivanka Trump Neck 8
  • Ivanka Trump Neck 9
  • Ivanka Trump Neck 10
  • fyouandthehorse

    How is she a cougar? She's only 31. Why are people so damned dumb?

  • thisisstupid

    I think she looks fine. Once upon a time long necks were considered graceful. This post is just stupid.

  • Mary-J

    Her neck is just like that famous Egyptian Queen's neck. Maybe Ivanka is the reincarnation of an old time Egyptian Queen. It is a great mystery.

  • Mrwoody

    Damn!! With teeth like hers no need to by import furniture or market value framing wood for a house.she could chew threw a sycamore tree faster than chainsaw and keep the American lumber yard companies employed ....

  • Mary-J

    The above article was very informative. I will pass on what I learned from it to my children and friends.

  • Jugglo

    Another one to fill full of man juice

  • ConservativePersecutionComplex

    Other people with long necks include Porn star Tera Patrick and E.T. Just thought you all should know. Now where's my protein bar?

  • Master Yoda

    They've landed. Run for your lives.


    Ivanka giraffe for Christmas daddy, shut up your fired!

  • Carlos

    What, you didn't know? The long neck allows Ivanka to deap-throat longer cocks.

  • Morgan

    She is a super hot cougar is what she is.

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