Heather Morris hacked pictures leak to internets

Reminder: Set your clocks one hour forward today for daylight savings. One other reminder: If you're famous and female, quit taking nude pictures of yourself with your cell phone because said pictures will eventually end up on the internets for our enjoyment (like Olivia Munn and Christina Hendricks). With that in mind, here's the latest hacked pictures, from Glee star Heather Morris.

NOTE: To see the uncensored Heather Morris hacked pics, click any thumbnail with a yellow star on it and then click the "Full Size" button located at the top or bottom of the image.

*27 Heather Morris hacked pictures total in the gallery:

  • Heather Morris Leaked Pictures 1
  • Heather Morris Leaked Pictures 2
  • Heather Morris Leaked Pictures 3
  • Heather Morris Leaked Pictures 4
  • Heather Morris Leaked Pictures 5
  • Heather Morris Leaked Pictures 6
  • Heather Morris Leaked Pictures 7
  • Heather Morris Leaked Pictures 8
  • Heather Morris Leaked Pictures 9
  • Heather Morris Leaked Pictures 10
  • Heather Morris Leaked Pictures 11
  • Heather Morris Leaked Pictures 12
  • Heather Morris Leaked Pictures 13
  • Heather Morris Leaked Pictures 14
  • Heather Morris Leaked Pictures 15
  • Heather Morris Leaked Pictures 16
  • Heather Morris Leaked Pictures 17
  • Heather Morris Leaked Pictures 18
  • Heather Morris Leaked Pictures 19
  • Heather Morris Leaked Pictures 20
  • Heather Morris Leaked Pictures 21
  • Heather Morris Leaked Pictures 22
  • Heather Morris Leaked Pictures 23
  • Heather Morris Leaked Pictures 24
  • Heather Morris Leaked Pictures 25
  • BFD

  • chacalcdn

    Nice natural breasts thank you.

  • $727739

    What a whore.

  • Need Lesbian pictures also.

  • kiril

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    you are also not hot at all too. i look at your profile. but can i rub to your picture as well?

  • Babygirl2210

    I'm confused about what's going on in picture 16?? She's hot tho

  • kiril

    i like to imagine she sitting on my face in that piture. i like eating pussy alot.

  • William Cochran

    Thank you, Heather! <3

  • Frosti

    whoever wrote the stuff about actors needing to learn a lesson was completely ignorant , the average person should stop hacking people phones too GET OFF or make money .. all of you idiots just contribute to the problem. YOU need to learn a lessen

  • Scheisse

    You are about the dumbest motherfucker ever.

  • Tats

    She looked okay until I noticed the nasty tramp stamp on her back and butt. What a waste.

  • Carol-monteiro6

    This is not true, the first she has a tattoo is a little angel with a halo, can be found in your lower abdomen in the photo does not show that she has this angel tatuato belly show? someone saw the angel?
    It also has an angel with spreading wings wheel is stamped on his back, which I'm sure any photos showed that, because is not it, ok?
    photoshop is everything, and look what I am Brazilian and I noticed all these defects in the picture!

  • Me

    Uh...does anyone else think she's kinda messy?? She should focus more on tidying up rather than snapping promiscuous photos!

  • Fernanda Graciola


  • Andesongreta

    a fool hacked her phone

  • Jay

    Her nipples are the long, pointy, type that make me want to chew...

  • "Were all doomed" - Grr.

    well all this is a designed product from the c i a and mkultra programs, check out disney kids club, how many stars are produced from disney at a young age? check out project blue bird and project artichoke....explains alot of the breakdowns you commonly and typically see amongst "celebrities" and honestly this pics nor her body is worth the jerking of the pud, now sarah at home is amazing.

  • Frank

    What a sexy slut. I think i'll start watching Glee from now on and fap to her and that other sexy cheerleader with the black hair.

  • B003


  • c unt

  • Dean

    Extremely dumb to post them on Mobile Me. Check your privacy setting next time, girl, you basically leaked these yourself.

  • wow make up truly amazing because Heather looks like a COMPLETELY different! I wouldn't have even known that was her posing all naki! LOL.

  • Xander

    Her boobs aren't big enough to be that veiny. That's just not right.

  • Morgan

    Men and women everwhere what even more photos of Heather's neked body released.

  • Morgan

    I predict that many many gallons of man juice will be spilled over photos of her delightful body. This is a good thing.

  • Fulaninha


  • Alex113

    I wouldn't have believed this was really her if it weren't for the tattoo on her lower back.

  • Alex113

    And also the moles on her stomach. If you look at other pictures of her, she has them in the exact spot. There's absolutely no denying that these are of her. Who cares though, she's hot and has an amazing body. I'm still a big fan.

  • Adwoodrich

    U study her way to much u fucking freak

  • Joopeejoope

    Maybe you need to go back to school and study. Learn to write a coherent sentence. Before you go fail-trolling on the Internet. Idiot. Learn to use your education. And if you aren't educated, you are better off aborted. The world has no use for you.

  • Vloggerazzi

    LOL EVERY frickin' year yet another Hollywood skank proves how stupid she is and takes cellphone nudes thinking they'll never be leaked onto the 'net. Either that or they leak them themselves because they need the attention.

  • blah blah blah

    so because they're in holly wood that makes them a skank. It really don't matter if its on a cell cam or computer. seeing as hell they have cam's that go onto the web your not safe. for all you know your nudes are on a website some where what makes you think it only happens to holly wood skanks. there's a saying takes one to know one.

  • Litsa

    Dont know who this skank is, but she aint all that. I still put my hand to work anyway.

  • Vapor


  • Morgan

    Everything appears to be well proportioned and in the right place. Her equipment is A-OK and showing it off is a public service. She can go to sleep fullfilled knowing that thousands of lusty men will masturbate to her photos.

  • Hacker

    Preying it's Dianna Agron next week!

  • IPFreely

    Proof that casting her as the IQ 50 character on Glee wasn't a stretch.

  • James

    She didn't even get hacked! All those pics are from an account she created herself. What a dumbass!

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