Whitney Houston leaving Tru Hollywood nightclub last Thursday night

By now you've probably heard that Whitney Houston died Saturday at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills. I know, I was shocked too that a 48-year-old woman on the verge of bankruptcy because of her drug addiction somehow didn't make it all the way to her 80th birthday. Here's the latest:

DID THE HAIRDRESSER DO IT? Actually, no, but she was the one who discovered the body. From TMZ:
We're told the hairdresser, who is female, went in to check on Whitney. She immediately screamed and, according to our sources, one of the bodyguards came running in and pulled her out of the tub. We're told Whitney's face was below the water and her legs were up ... like she had slid down the back of the tub.
Oh c'mon with the screaming. Chicks are so emotional.

THE AUTOPSY IS DONE: The autopsy was completed on Sunday, but according to Los Angeles Deputy Coroner Ed Winter, the toxicology tests will take six to eight weeks to process (wait, this is 2012, right?), so don't expect to hear an official cause of death until then:
"There are reports she maybe was drowned, or overdosed, but we won’t make a final determination until all the tests are in."
You can tell this guy's a good coroner because he just randomly speculates about a few potential causes of death even though he's two months away from knowing what actually killed her. He should get a raise.

: Whitney's 18-year-old daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown was rushed from the Beverly Hilton to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on Saturday night and on Sunday afternoon. Fucking hotel is cursed.

LINDSAY JUST MISSED OUT: As part of her probation, Lindsay Lohan has to complete 12 days of work at the Los Angeles County Morgue. If any jewelry turns up missing off of Whitney's body, I'm just saying . . .

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