Whitney Houston's body was still warm and Twitter was already ablaze with insane theories about what/who killed her. From Ron Paul to LeBron James, I've collected the most insane in this convenient gallery you can share with your friends and family. Enjoy.

*20 theories total in the gallery:

  • The Ron Paul Theory
  • The Spongebob Theory
  • The Grammys Theory
  • The American Idol Runner Up Theory
  • The Cyborg Theory
  • The Maroon 5 Theory
  • The Jay Z Kanye Theory
  • The Glee Theory
  • The Alternate Jay Z Kanye Theory
  • The Bruno Mars Theory
  • The Mafia Theory
  • The Illuminati Theory
  • The FDA THeory
  • The Blue Ivy Theory
  • The Wasps Theory
  • The Famous Black People Theory
  • The Sony Music Theory
  • The Ray J Theory
  • The Cinnamon Challenge Theory
  • The LeBron James Theory
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  • XYZ

    The music/showbiz industry is actually a crime/death industry and poor WHITNEY was just another sacrifice. Too bad sheeple refuse to see that.

  • Alex

    Too bad LeBron James is number 6 and not 23 anymore. That conspiracy is reaching. But it doesn't rule out Michael Jordan or Jason Richardson.

  • Morgan

    Everyone knows the GWB was behind the tragic death.

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