Snooki filming her new reality show in Jersey City (2/28)

A rumor surfaced a few weeks ago that Snooki was pregnant, but like any sense of shame she has, it quickly died. After all, who would knowingly stick their penis into that thing long enough to impregnate it? Today the New York Post is saying that not only is Snooki pregnant (from her boyfriend Jionni), but she's already struck a deal with Us Weekly to reveal the news. Of course MTV is freaking the fuck out because she began filming the Jersey Shore spinoff this week Snooki and JWoww vs. the World. No, really. That's an actual show. A source told the paper:
"MTV went into crisis mode after they found out. They're trying to hide it because it would greatly affect the creative direction of the show."

The new show has just begun taping and focuses on the ladies' relationship as friends and roommates — and whatever adventures come their way. Photos taken on the set show [Snooki] carrying large bags to hide her belly.
It would greatly affect the "creative direction of the show." In other words, Middle America isn't gonna watch a show where a 4'9" genetics experiment gone awry gets drunk at a club and tells a guy she just met in the bathroom "not to worry about cumming inside me 'cuz I'm already pregnant." Besides, The Facts of Life did that episode 25 years ago. Oh yeah, Tootie was an absolute whore.

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