Snooki sorta comes out of the closet

Snooki dropped a BOMBSHELL on the Huffington Post yesterday when she revealed that she's bisexual . . . I'm kidding of course. No one cares about this poster child for why abortion should actually be encouraged.
HuffPo: Snooki, things got hot and heavy with Deena [another one of the "Jersey Shore" roommates] last season. Do you consider yourself bisexual?

Snooki: "I would consider myself bi. I've done stuff with girls before. But I would never be with a girl because I like... penis. But I've experimented."
Snooki then went on to say how she hopes the E.U. member states solve their debt crisis sooner rather than later because the whole mess has a real chance of snowballing from a continental crisis into a global catastrophe, picking up steam through each default or downgrade. Oh no, that's right. She didn't.

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