Sharon Stone arriving at Comme Ca restaurnat in West Hollywood (1/4)

Note to all you aspiring actors and actresses in the greater Los Angeles metro area (aka waiters and waitresses). If you see Sharon Stone walk into your restaurant, for God's sake do not help her. From Mike Walker at the National Enquirer:
Animatedly pitching a movie project to a couple of female Hollywood bigwigs over lunch at the Chateau Marmont gardens, Sharon Stone totally grossed nearby diners when she blew her nose furiously into her cloth napkin - then wrapped single digits in the cloth and started deep-mining for nose nuggets! YECCHH! "It was disgusting," said My SpyWitness, seated at the next table. "She has the worst table manners I've ever seen." When the waiter, who'd witnessed Stone's nose-diving, came to clear the table, the snotty star tried handing him the booger-flecked square, but - relying on basic instinct - the guy recoiled, grabbed a fresh napkin from a nearby table and used it to snatch up Sharon's! (Print Edition - 2/20)
This behavior doesn't surprise me one bit. It surprises you readers, because you people aren't in my world. Sure, what Sharon did is disgusting but you have to remember that when she looks in the mirror she still sees Basic Instinct Sharon Stone circa 1992, not bat-shit crazy Sharon Stone circa 2012. There was a time when that would have been hot -- you'd be surprised at what beautiful people get away with. For example, every single Tupperware party/orgy I throw for my Victoria's Secret friends always ends with a supermodel turd in my shark tank. I know you guys haven't seen one of those, and believe me when I tell you, you don't want to.

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