The NEA doesn't want Sasha Grey's dirty (brown) money

Controversy erupted last year when porn star-turned actress Sasha Grey (singing a tune above) was a celebrity guest reader at Emerson Elementary School in Compton as part of the NEA's "Read Across America" program. The NEA distanced themselves from Grey faster than a handjob from Jenna Jameson, but that's not stopping producers of her new film from donating to the program. From the Huffington Post:
Although she retired from the porn industry last April, one of Grey's scenes is featured in adult film "Anal Artists," set to debut this week by Assence Films. In support of her "recent efforts to expose children to the world of literature," Assence Films will donate a portion of the film's proceeds to the National Education Association's Read Across America program, according to XBiz Newswire. But in a statement Monday to The Huffington Post, NEA officials said "no, thanks."

"Sasha Grey is not affiliated with the National Education Association’s Read Across America program nor has she been invited or endorsed by NEA to read at any of the association’s Read Across America Day events, and NEA will not accept any proceeds from her latest, or any of her films," the statement reads.
Well, the NEA sure thinks very highly of themselves. So what if Sasha's shitter has been explored more thoroughly that King Tut's tomb? Damn it, she wants children to read more. Whether it's fiction, non-fiction, or the warnings on Valtrex prescription bottles, the skill must be practiced because reading really is fundamental. Not that the NEA's position is totally without merit. What would be more embarrassing than having mommy dearest explain to lil' pig-tailed Suzy who Sasha Grey is? "See, when a woman is in love with four men, sometimes she will let those four men make sweet sweet love to her at the same time."

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