Russell Brand has skeletons in his closet

There may be an explanation as to why Russell Brand signed the divorce settlement with Katy Perry so quickly last week, leaving an estimated $20 million on the table. He didn't want his "personal issues" being brought up in a divorce battle (read: he may be a closet gay nazi). From the Chicago Sun Times:
While the divorce agreement between Katy Perry and Russell Brand appeared to be quick and amicable, I hear there was a bit of tension until Brand gave in and agreed to everything Perry wanted. The big deal: The singer gets to keep all of the estimated $44 million she made during the couple's marriage — half of which Brand could have claimed under California's community property laws. Apparently, there was some bad Brand behavior — which I hear included both financial and personal issues — that he didn't want to surface if there had been a protracted divorce battle.
I knew it. I knew that Russell wasn't being chivalrous when he didn't try to take our beloved Katy's money. The word-combo "douche nozzle" was coined by yours truly specifically for Brand. Now, onto the dirty work. What did Russell insert into himself that made Katy break her vow of holy matrimony? Was it male? Was it human? I would like to know what exactly pulled Russell from those fabulous tits. Katy looks like a fun ride, so I assume that Russell needs real depravity, perhaps he enjoyed performing in the shows that made Tijuana famous.

*10 Katy Perry and Russell Brand pictures total in the gallery:

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