It's Rush Limbaugh picking his nose

During a cutaway in the Super Bowl last night showing Patriots' owner Robert Kraft in his luxury box, NBC cameras caught Rush Limbaugh picking his nose (upper right). Ewwww. And just look at how grossed out that chick is in the cheetah print blouse in the lower left. She looks like she has half a mind to go knock him upside his head with her clutch..

UPDATE: I've just learned that the chick in the lower left is in fact Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler. My apologies to the Tyler family.

*5 Rush Limbaugh pictures total in the gallery:

  • Rush Limbaugh Nose Pick 1
  • Rush Limbaugh Nose Pick 2
  • Rush Limbaugh Nose Pick 3
  • Rush Limbaugh Nose Pick 4
  • Rush Limbaugh Nose Pick 5

    with half my brain shoved up my nose and the other half on oxycodone, talent on loan from my drug dealer

  • Carlos

    Wow, you're clearly a dittohead

  • Morgan

    Even Rush's boogers are wise and profound.


    hey Mr. Kraft , Steven let me introduce you to my fellow ditto head Booger


    this is Rush's superbowl pick,no it's snot

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