Lindsay Lohan arriving at LAX airport (2/12)

Lindsay Lohan is having more tax trouble (yes, you have to pay those every year). After a lien was placed on her for the $93,701.57 in taxes she didn't pay in 2009, another lien was placed on her for the $140,203.30 in taxes she didn't pay in 2010. How much you wanna bet we'll see a story in about six months about a lien being placed on her for the taxes she didn't pay in 2011, too? From E!:
"Lohan's business manager is working out an acceptable arrangement with the IRS and hopes to have the matter solved shortly," Lindsay's rep, Steve Honig, exclusively tells E! News.

According to the document obtained by E! News, the IRS made their assessment of Lindsay's latest failure to pay on Sept. 19.
This is the real Clash of the Titans. I'd start running if I were you, IRS, because a storm is heading your way. A firestorm tripping on cocaine and Red Bull has an itchy pussy, and you're the fresh bottle of Vagisil. Don't get me wrong, IRS, I know your record. You roundhouse kicked Al Capone, MC Hammer and Screech into the poorhouse, but now you've met your Buster Douglas. Do you know what Lindsay did when she got the news that Whitney was found feet up in a porcelain coffin? She partied some more, that's what. Lindsay put the specter of death in the camel clutch and made it tap like a little bitch, so what do you think you're gonna do? Just quit and leave it alone, IRS. Nobody wins against Lilo, nobody.

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[Pacific Coast News]
  • Vloggerazzi

    Dumbest hooker in history. How the hell do you suck dick for a living and owe the IRS? You aren't supposed to report your prostitution income!

  • Master Yoda

    Mr. Peabody called... he wants his glasses back.

  • Jay

    All she needs to do is step up her inevitable career move into porn and then she can tell the IRS to fuck off.


    Mr. Capote, have you written anything latley?

  • Biff

    What a tard! I can't believe I once wanted to offer her my "honor"...

    And spend the night on her and off her...

  • woodmember

    She looks like Harry Potter's retarded step-sister.

  • Morgan

    Stupid IRS. Democrat politicians don't pay taxes, why should Lindsay? At lease she is decroative. Show me a democrat politician and I will show you fugly, each and every one.


    Mr. Warhol your still alive

  • JD

    Good Lord. Looks like she's 50+. The stupid glasses sure don't help either.

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