Lindsay Lohan in Love magazine

Lindsay Lohan has been obsessed with Marilyn Monroe for some time now (her Playboy shoot was Marilyn-themed as was her recent shoot for Love magazine, above). The parallels are obvious; both are female . . . both are . . . um, that's all I got. Anyways, Lindsay's dreamed of playing Marilyn in a film. Yeah, so about that. From the Chicago Sun Times:
Friends of Lindsay Lohan are telling her to give up her obsession with making a Marilyn Monroe film — especially since Michelle Williams’ Oscar-nominated performance in “My Week With Marilyn” will be the iconic interpretation of Monroe for some time to come.
I'm calling bullshit on this one. Lindsay Lohan doesn't have any friends. Lindsay has parasites who do nothing except encourage awful behavior . . . I think she calls them "mom" and "dad." Personally I think Lindsay should keep this acting dream alive. She can actually make a pretty comfortable living doing shitty SyFy rip-offs of legitimate films. If LiLo could manage to get her habits under control and play her cards right -- by that I mean letting everyone at The Asylum Studios finish inside her -- she can stand shoulder to shoulder with the giants of "mockbusters" like Bruce Boxleitner and C. Thomas Howell. That's right, a Boxleitner and Thomas Howell reference. I'm a film buff, sue me.

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