Lindsay Lohan to denigrate the memory of Elizabeth Taylor

It's pretty sad that this counts as big news for her, but Lindsay Lohan has "landed" the lead role in a made-for-TV movie on -- wait for it -- the Lifetime Channel. Oscars, here she comes! From Access Hollywood:
[Lindsay Lohan] scored the role of Elizabeth Taylor in the Lifetime TV movie, "Liz and Dick," a source tells Access Hollywood's Billy Bush. But, there is one legal-related caveat: Lindsay needs to stay on the right side of court.

According to the source, if Lohan continues to stick to the judge's orders, as she has been doing, she will be playing the "Cleopatra" beauty in the Lifetime made-for-TV film about the late actress. The project, helmed by producer Larry Thompson, has been in development since May 2011.
Talk about a back-loaded contract -- why would you offer Lindsay any type of deal if she can't use her greatest promotional tool? Lindsay isn't afraid of judges, idiots. Appearing before judges and acting sorry is how Lindsay keeps her acting teeth sharp and her name alive. That's like telling me to stop banging supermodels, or telling Ashton Kutcher he's the new James Bond as long as he stops being a douchebag for the next 10 minutes. It's just not happening. Look, you're the Lifetime Channel so odds are that this movie is gonna blow, but it can still be a hit. Don't spend a dime to promote the thing, just stand back and let Hurricane Cocaine do her thing. At best you'll crush your mortal enemy (Hallmark Channel) in the ratings. At worst, you'll own the rights to cover a funeral that's guaranteed to be even tackier than the Whitney Houston show last week.

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