Lindsay Lohan at the amfAR benefit in New York (2/8)

You can tell the economy is on the rebound because people are doing stupid shit again. Like buying a piece of Lindsay Lohan "art" for $100,000. WTF? Screw the art -- you could fuck Lindsay Lohan like 250 times for $100,000. From the New York Post:
Lindsay Lohan is rebuilding her movie career, but she’s still a hit in the art world. Domingo Zapata has just sold a piece of artwork comprised of Polaroid pictures of Lohan for more than $100,000. Zapata, who shot the images in his studio at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, is believed to have sold the work through the Hus Gallery to a prominent British collector.

The creation comprises four pictures of a platinum blond LiLo with a sultry look, and embellished with paint into an Adam and Eve story of original sin and the words, "An Apple . . . that I like . . . with a bite out of it. Adam and Eve changed mankind forever . . . started SIN . . . it was a plain simple apple hanging from a tree. Then the world changed for all of us."
This Domingo Zapata fella must be one hell of a salesman, because he made $100K on pictures that are literally a dime a dozen. Unless you're new here, you know that we've seen every ginger inch of Lindsay. The only parts of her beat-to-shit body we haven't seen are the ones that require a CT Scanner.  Hell, for that much cash you should get a polaroid of Lindsay with her cold feet sticking out of the tub . . . too soon?

*12 Lindsay Lohan pictures total in the gallery:

  • Lindsay Lohan Artwork 1
  • Lindsay Lohan Artwork 2
  • Lindsay Lohan Artwork 3
  • Lindsay Lohan Artwork 4
  • Lindsay Lohan Artwork 5
  • Lindsay Lohan Artwork 6
  • Lindsay Lohan Artwork 7
  • Lindsay Lohan Artwork 8
  • Lindsay Lohan Artwork 9
  • Lindsay Lohan Artwork 10

    Melina Mecouri, you really look good for your age


    Melina Macouri looks good for her age

  • Jay

    She cleans up well and with the right makeup and hair can look genuinely attractive. Trouble is that 'genuinely' is really only a figure of speech.

  • Morgan

    Another American National Treasure. Lindsay is multi talented. Oscar level actress, hit vocalist, high fashion designer, accomplished artess, and saviour of humanity (orphans in India). To top it off she is one of the worlds ten most beautiful women. We can be proud of our LIndsay.

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