Lea Michele bikini pics! (2/20 - Cabo San Lucas, Mexico)

Glee's Lea Michele tweeted some pictures of her vacation in Cabo San Lucas over the weekend, including this one that shows the great "view" from the pool. Wait a minute, I see what you're doing right there Lea. Maybe next time you can just take an ad out in the New York Times inviting everyone to look at your ass.

*5 Lea Michele bikini pictures total in the gallery:

  • Lea Michele Bikini Butt 1
  • Lea Michele Bikini Butt 2
  • Lea Michele Bikini Butt 3
  • Lea Michele Bikini Butt 4
  • Lea Michele Bikini Butt 5
  • JSDA

    Please she didn't post that picture unitl after a whole bunch of paparazzi pictures were out any way. She was just having fun people and sharing with fans. Oh how horrible giving fans a sneak peak at her action, what a horrible person. People are so quick to jump on others about any little thing

  • MMMmmmm

    She's done a great job getting into shape. I can see why she wants to show it off.

  • Morgan

    BTW, Lea dips snuff. Her favorit is Schol mint.

  • Morgan

    I am happy she survived the experience. She is too young to go.

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