Kristen Stewart is sort of a bitch

After flipping off some paparazzi on Monday while leaving a photoshoot, Kristen Stewart again flashed her middle finger yesterday as she was leaving Hanawa restaurant in Paris. Oh yeah, the public loves up-and-coming actresses who act like uppity little bitches. They eat that shit up -- isn't that right box office star Katherine Heigl?
Like Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock, Angelina Jolie, and Reese Witherspoon before her, Heigl used to be a "Turn-key" — just get her signed on and you had yourself a go picture. No longer. Heigl now not only finds herself off that vaunted list, but "she's not on any lists at all," says one top talent agent. "She's on a respirator. She's not the girl anymore."

The head of marketing at a studio is blunt: "I don’t know what her value is anymore," says this exec, "She's uh, 'less than easy' to work with." And as stories of her reputation have increasingly gone public (starting with her grouchy and impatient departure from the TV show that made her) and the quality control of her film choices has all but disappeared, her fan base is backing away quickly. (via NYmag)
I'm not gonna lie. This pleases me greatly.

*10 Kristen Stewart pictures total in the gallery:

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