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Ray J makes the claim in his new book Death of the Cheating Man that Kim Kardashian cheated on her first husband Damon Thomas with him, and honestly, if Ray J said it, you know it's gotta be true. From Life & Style:
Death of the Cheating Man alleges that "KK," as Ray J calls her, pursued him and slept with him while she was still with her first husband, Damon Thomas, in 2004. While Kim has denied cheating on Damon, the shocking revelation may give Kim's estranged husband Kris Humphries more ammunition for his case, supporting the notion that Kim never intended to commit to her second hubby.

"She let me know she wanted to get with me," Ray J, an R&B singer, recalls in the book. "She left her husband for me as soon as we started having sex."

Ray-J also reveals intimate details from Kim's how-to-win-a-man manual, like greeting him with hot towels and toothpaste on his toothbrush in the morning and lingerie fashion shows at night. The attentiveness grew to be too much, though. "She wanted to know where I was at all times," Ray J writes. "She literally thought I was cheating with every girl I ran across."
Breaking News: Kim Kardashian is not an honorable person. Nooooo, really? We've given fatty a steady diet of beatings, but Brandy's less talented little brother is going in for the over-kill. I will enter into evidence that Raymond Norwood, Jr is accomplishing something that gives PR reps wet dreams: he's turning Kim Kardashian into a victim we should have sympathy for. Incredible. Did anybody see that coming? I sure didn't, and I'm hung clairvoyant. Ray J, you suck. Wasn't taking Whitney down enough for you? You should have been able to feed on her delicious soul for years just like you did with Lil' Kim and Fatty Kim. I'm starting to think that you destroy people for fun. In other words, get out of show biz and go to law school.

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