Kate Upton is the new Carl's Jr. girl

Following "stars" like Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, and Padma Lakshmi, Kate Upton has been named the new face of Carl's Jr. The news comes a few days after AskMen named her the 2nd most desirable woman of 2012, so you know, yay Kate. On the set of the first commercial for the campaign Tuesday night shot at a heliport in L.A. turned classic 50's drive-in, Upton told Fox:
"It's the Southwest Patty Melt, and it’s one of their classics, but now they’re adding a little spice-adding some jalapenos and making it a little bit hotter. I'm a '50s girl with a little cardigan on, a really sweet kind of a girl. But then I take a bite and all of a sudden, I'm sweating, and I'm taking off all of my clothes and I'm in my lingerie!"
What a brilliant commercial. Especially if Carl's Jr.'s goal is to get me to lock myself in the basement, light some candles, and aggressively masturbate without actually ever visiting any of their restaurants. Mission accomplished!

*5 Kate Upton pics total in the gallery:

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