Kate Upton at the Club SI Swimsuit at Pure Nightclub in Las Vegas (2/16)

I don't know what got into Cheryl Tiegs' ass, but it needs to crawl back out and find a new home. From Contact Music:
Fresh from being fired from the Celebrity Apprentice, former Sports Illustrated model Cheryl Tiegs has been discussing the current crop of bikini models and is less than impressed with America's favorite new cover star: Kate Upon. Tiegs joined Billy Bush and Kit Hoover on Monday's Access Hollywood Live and was asked about the current Sports Illustrated issue, which features 19-year-old Upton on the cover. Cheryl said,

"It's not my favorite Sports Illustrated cover of all time.I like so many of the pictures inside. Sports Illustrated always has that fine line of being very 'sexy/girl next door/earthy/kind of athletic.This is a step toward Playboy, I think."
"Former" fashion model Cheryl Tiegs has a problem. Exactly. FORMER fashion model. Granny, who cares what you have to say about anything, especially Kate Upton. Old lady Tieg's time would be better spent worrying if she'll ever have another solid bowel movement, not lambasting Kate for showing too much of those fantastic tits. The last time her opinion mattered, women weren't legally allowed to vote. Thanks for opening your mouth on that one, Susan B. Anthony. The "B" must stand for "Bitch."

*21 Kate Upton pictures total in the gallery:

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  • KI

    Kate should slap the wig off Cheryl's bald head!

  • Janis

    You know, I've always been suspicious of Cheryl's 'hair'. And that would be funny to see. lol

  • 01 glen

    It's a shame that there is not about 10 million Kate uptons. 1 for American man to take home a d be happy with. She is amazing to look at, appears to be highly intelligent, and is like so many of those supremes albums in my music collection... Sit back and enjoy them...it'll weaken ones knees and melt ones heart. Wow. I guess I'm in love.

  • Pncmsing

    Upton does look good, but Cheryl has a point. She does look a little like a centerfold and not a model. Heck.....she looks a lot like a centerfold.

  • Erok8150

    Cheryl actually has a point. The SI Swimsuit issue used to stand for something, past cover girls included, Tiegs, ( who if any of you saw her old pics your head would explode ) Brinkley, Tyra Banks, Bar Rafeali and since then it has devolved to Brooklyn Decker and this chick, Cheryl is just stating the obvious here.
    whos casting this Cover? a 12 year old boy?
    a better cover girl would have been Hilary Rhoda or heck even Anne V.
    Kate Upton isn't even in their league.
    i like boobs as much as the next guy but there's something cheesy and '' K-Mart'' about this chick.

  • JD

    Go back to the Retirement Home Granny!!

  • Acemeister79

    Ah yes, but the young hottee is an airhead. Just the same as Miss South "like such as South Africa" Carolina - hey, they have the SAME LAST NAME !!! Purebred (inbred?) white trash made for looks, not anything else. No doubt if she isn't a total bitch, she's well on that expressway...

  • Bruce

    She is a snuff dipping gal. Don't bad mouth her for dipping. Refined young women have dipped for centuries. It is more elegant than puffing on a corncob pipe.

  • JJ

    I honestly didn't see that as an attack on Kate herself, but more of a commentary on the suit she's in and the all around horrible photoshopping. Kate is gorgeous, and that cover doesn't do her justice by far, I would go so far as to say it makes her look cheap, which I think is the point Cheryl was trying to make.

  • Bruce

    Used up, worn out and washed up.

  • Morgan

    Cheryl was used, abused, worn out from the inside and than hung up wet. You have to understand if she is a bit disgruntled.

  • Hawk

    Shut up Cheryl.
    Nothing wrong with Kate. I'm happy to see they still employ models with real breasts.

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