The commentary on celebrity lifestyle is usually a glorified shopping and partying fest. But did you know that they enjoy some of the simpler things in life, say something as run-of-the mill as playing bingo. That’s right. Celebs like bingo just like the next person. So chances are you might bump into one the next time you mosey on down to a bingo hall. Heck, you may even play against one at an online bingo hall, though you wouldn’t know it.

Some of the most well known celeb bingo players are Robbie Williams, Katie Price, Catherine Zeta Jones, Sharon Osbourne, Kerry Katona and Glenda Gilson, to name a few.

Robbie Williams apparently enjoys 90-ball bingo, a popular UK version of bingo, which he plays usually at hip bingo clubs in London. Models Katie Price and Glenda Gilson and singer Kerry Katona are reportedly regular fixtures at online bingo halls.

Catherine Zeta Jones, on the other hand, is a huge fan of the American 75-ball bingo game. Not surprising really considering she’s married to Michael Douglas and spends a good chunk of her time States-side. In fact, Zeta Jones is quite famous for her Christmas bingo parties that she hosts for family and friends.

Finally, Sharon Osbourne takes it one step further by positioning herself as an authority on bingo with her own bingo information site, Sharon Osbourne Bingo.

So what does all this mean to you, really, besides it being interesting information to know. Well, it goes some way towards aggrandizing bingo’s image - an image that has long been defined by dotty old ladies, church fundraisers and charity events. A change in perception that is most likely the result of the game finding a new home online where it’s accessible by all sorts of people from all around, including celebrities. But it also is a bit cheering to know that your love of bingo is shared by some famous celebrity, isn’t it.