Ashley Greene says that making out with Olivia Wilde was no big deal

Ashley Greene tells the new issue of Lucky magazine that making out with Olivia Wilde in her new movie Butter was no big deal and oh my god I'm already hard as a rock and I'm not even done with the first sentence. Via the New York Post:
"It wasn't that awkward," Greene tells Lucky magazine of the kiss. "It's the same idea as having to kiss a male co-star and it's not real. Olivia is such a cool chick and very professional. So we were just messing around and cracking up in between scenes, and it ended up being really fun."

Greene, known best for her work in the "Twilight" saga, knows that the statement will no doubt titillate male readers.

"Now I’m the envy of every straight male everywhere!" she exclaimed.
"It wasn't that awkward." Yeah right, Ashley. I guess she's just too cool for the room to be impressed by Olivia Wilde now. God, she's such a wet blanket. See, this is what happens when your first movie is a monster hit that won't go away. I'm willing to bet the Ashley was totally impressed. Actually, I bet Ashley rubbed the little man in the boat so hard and for so long that it looks like a brand new penny. Ash, don't let the success of Twilight go to your head. ANYBODY could have played your character as blandly as you did.

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