Scarlett Johansson outside the Ed Sullivan Theater last month

Does Scarlett Johansson hate her mom, Melanie Sloan? Yes, I think it's quite clear that she does. From the New York Post:
Scarlett Johansson is denying reports that she and her mom, Melanie Sloan, are at odds over money and Sloan’s current partner, Gilles Arondeau. The reports came from other news outlets after The Post revealed on Sunday that Sloan is suing for the return of a $130,000 deposit she put down on a $1.4 million apartment on West 43rd Street, after she couldn’t land a mortgage.

A representative for Johansson told Page Six, "Scarlett and Melanie are as close as they have ever been. They are incredibly proud of the solid and productive professional partnership they had through the many years they worked together. Their personal relationship is solid and loving."
Awkward. Melanie Sloan is making a classic mistake made by most men and munchers. It seems as if Ms. Sloan is mistaking Scarlett's supernatural hotness for success and money. When you really think about it, Scarlett is famous for being hot and nothing more. She just got the Marvel gig, so the only other movie I can think of that was mainstream was that piece of garbage she made with young Obi-Wan Kenobi. Sorry Melanie, you're just gonna have to stay in your Jersey City 12 story walk-up studio apartment until at least Iron Man 4. That, or do you have any cell phone pics of your daughter you're willing to part with? Sounds like you need a little extra scratch.

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