Rihanna out and about in L.A. (1/25)

Rihanna went out for dinner in L.A. on Wednesday night, and I hope the place she went to didn't have a "no bra, no service" policy because she definitely wasn't wearing one. Rihanna's actually been in the news a lot the past few weeks. She spent her recent Hawaii vacation getting high in front of the paparazzi the whole time. And she just got the words "Thug Life" tattooed across her knuckles. She's a shoe-in for the lead role if Hollywood ever makes a movie where the plot revolves around someone who keeps making bad decisions.

*7 Rihanna pictures total in the gallery:

  • Rihanna Tank Top 1
  • Rihanna Tank Top 2
  • Rihanna Tank Top 3
  • Rihanna Tank Top 4
  • Rihanna Tank Top 5
[Pacific Coast News]

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